Letter From Our Founders

Letter from our Founders


Simply, thank you. Thank you to our community of family, friends and friends that became family. Thank you Mom, for teaching me to trust my intuition and always communicate. Thank you for celebrating every holiday, including the 3rd Tuesday of the month and always sending flowers. Dad, you taught me to never say never and to know the difference between a Flathead and Phillips. Thank you for supporting our new endeavor with excitement because the sky's the limit. Jessi, my business partner, my sister and forever Facetime date, thank you for burning the midnight oil and telling me to sleep. We’re always on the same wavelength, so you know everything I am grateful for. This is the start of something big. Thank you Fragali for always being supportive and honest, lending a helping hand and bouncing ideas.

To our family, thank you for the exposure to new places and experiences which gave us the curiosity to see and do more. To Nana and Tata, gracias for the bendiciones you have prayed for.

To my professional friends who spent the time proofreading, photographing, photoshopping, teaching us how to build a website, dinner’s on us. Thank you to everyone who has sent us good vibes. Thank you to the parents that allowed us to photograph their adorable babies. Thank you to Latinas in Leadership who provide visibility to what could be.

By creating this inclusive brand, I want Olivia to know all that went into her birth because she was truly created with love. My Goddaughter, Alayah, should read ‘Cariño Mio” on a shirt designed by a LatinX artist instead of a cup that reads “Te Amo” by a box retailer. We deserve product created for our community, by our community, because representation matters.

After 8 years of ideating PeaTree’s existence, it is finally time for us to create something for our community. This community consists of loving human beings. Humans who believe in gay rights, immigration, and sustainability.

Sustainability because climate change is real.
Gay rights because families are formed in all different ways.
Immigration because no human is illegal.

I hope you can see yourself in our brand and will join our community of good people, doing good by buying good.

Con Cariño,


Thank you to our family for teaching us unconditional love. You raised a family where one of the prominent values I was taught is, love is love. I was raised seeing many different examples of committed relationships; married men & women, men & men, women & women, lifelong committed partnerships, single parents, divorced parents and blended families. Some of our closest family is married in, or los padrinos or our cousins through marriage with no genetic relations. We are the true definition of a “modern family.” In all these examples, the constant has always been love. A difference in lifestyles has never been an issue or cause for pause. I love that we support the uniqueness of each person and encourage them to be their best, truest self. So when my Uncle Rafael and his husband, Steve, came to the family almost 10 years ago stating that they were going to have a child, my entire family was elated, and I was no exception. The entire experience was a beautiful example of LOVE and FAMILY.

Through creating this brand, we are showing our families’ strong value of love and inclusivity, We are honoring Rafael & Steve, Lynn & Vilma, and all our modern families with our first collection. Our dedication to being an all-inclusive brand that uses sustainable & organic materials is another passion of ours, and an example of our family’s commitment to a better world for the lineage that follows us.

Thank you for sharing our passion and dream to help build a world where love is truly unconditional love.