About Us

PeaTree Clothing Co, LLC is a Latina-owned and operated small business in Southern California with three basic beliefs:

Sustainability because climate change is real.
Gay rights because families are formed in all different ways.
Immigration because no human is illegal.

PeaTree was co-founded by two sisters with a dream to support their family, community and Mother Earth. As second generation Mexicans, they had strong examples of unconditional love, community strength, and work ethic. Their Tios y Tias traveled from Egypt to Mexico, attended universities and have public service careers. Familia has empowered our founders to always do more and know that anything is achievable. Jessica & Sami were taught that girls should know how to use tools and boys can pick flowers. They were taught to leave a place better than they found it. Because of these principles, PeaTree’s clothes are made in the USA, in a local Southern California factory. The small batch onesies and toddler tees are made of 100% organic cotton, hand sewn, and dyed in toxic free or low impact dyes. Although our ideas have changed, our premise has remained the same: to represent our community and create clothes that leave Mother Earth better than we found it.